School District of Philadelphia Policies

The School District of Philadelphia is currently revising the policies and, as such, they are subject to change.


Date of Birth

101.0 Advance Notice to Parents
101.1 Determination of Correct Date of Birth & Immigrant Status
101.2 Children Born in Philadelphia
101.3 Children Born Outside of Philadelphia
101.4 Refusal of Parents to Cooperate
101.5 Use of other Names for School Purposes

Admission and Transfer Regular Grade

102.0 General Policy
102.1 Transfer Policy
102.2 Transfer into other than neighborhood school (EH-36)
102.4 Students with Divorced or Separated Parents

Special Release of Pupils

103.0 School Trips / Procedures
103.1 Trips Within Philadelphia
103.2 Trips Outside of Philadelphia
103.3 Overnight School Trips
103.4 Senior High, AVT Schools, Senior Class Overnight Trips
103.5 Activities Initiated by School Authorities
103.7 Request by Parents and/or Guardians for Early Dismissal of Pupils
103.8 Release of Pupils to Separated or Divorced Parents

Emergency Closing Of Schools

104.0 Emergency Closing Of Schools Full-Day
104.1 Principal's Emergency Plans All Schools
104.2 Emergency Closing Of Schools Mid-Day
104.3 Supervision of Pupils (On-Site)
104.4 Supervision of Pupils (Off-Site)
104.5 Individual School Closings - Special Situations
104.6 Distribution of Paychecks Schools Closed

Non-Resident Pupil

105.0 Determination of Non-Resident Status
105.1 Pupils Residing in Philadelphia with Persons Other Than Parents
105.2 Pupils Living Outside Philadelphia with Their Parents
105.3 Pupils Placed in Foster Homes or Institutions by Social Agencies
105.5 Central Office Procedures
105.6 School Office Procedures
105.7 Scholarships for Tuition-Paying Pupils
105.8 Non-Resident Pupils Who Become Residents

Release Of Pupil Information

106.0 General Policy
106.1 Access to Records
106.2 Release of Pupil Records
106.3 Directory Information
106.4 Destruction of Records
106.5 Hearing Rights
106.6 Confidential Information
106.7 Subpoenas of School Records
106.8 Requests for Specialized Information
106.9 Forms
106.10 Collection of Data
106.11 Retention of Records
106.12 Records Retained in Offices Outside School
106.13 Charge for Transcripts
106.14 Missing Children
106.15 Juvenile Court records of Delinquancy Adjudications & Treatment Plans

Delegation of Parental Responsibility

107.0 General Policy
107.1 Delegation of Parental Responsibility
107.2 Emergency Situations
107.3 Administrators' Form
107.4 Delegation of Parental Responsibility form

Media Relations

108.0 Press, Radio and Television Guidelines
108.1 Obtaining Publicity

Police Relations

109.0 General Policy
109.1 School Request for Police Service
109.2 Interviews and Request for Information from Police
109.3 Service of Subpoenas or Warrants
109.4 Arrest of Pupil and Court Proceedings
109.5 Arrest of School Employees
109.6 Procedures for Reporting of Incidents
109.7 Trespassing Ordinance
109.8 Search & Seizure Evidence of Violations or Infractions
109.9 Assault on School Employees
109 .10 Criminal Acts on School Premises

Fire Safety

110.0. In Case of Fire, Smoke, Unusual Odors, or Fumes
110.1 Responding to the Fire Alarm
110.2 Limited Response Procedures - Incipient Fires
110.3 Planning the Fire Drill
110.4 School Fire Drill
110.5 Maintain Safe Exit Routes
110.6 Providing for Special Situations
110.7 Fire and Other Emergencies Near the School

Accident, Illness and Incident Reports

111.1 Procedures for Reporting
111.2 Evening School
111.3 After School or Office Hours
111.4 List of Security Codes
111.5 Guidelines for Report and Investigation of Alleged Sexual and Serious Physical Misconduct with Children by Employees
111.6 Child Protective Services
111.7 Responsibilities of Principal
111.8 Responsibilities of the School Nurse
111.9 Procedure for Reporting
111.10 Notification of Parents
111.11 Cooperation with Child and Youth Agency Workers and Law Enforcement
111.12 Early Childhood Programs
111.13 Responsibilities of School Counselors
111.14 Domestic Violence Spousal & Date Abuse
111.15 Procedures for Reporting Workers´┐Ż Compensation Injury or Illness

Fire Safety

112.0 Safe Storage of Materials
112.1 Safe Disposal of Waste
112.2 Electrical Equipment and Appliances
112.3 Decorations and Furnishings
112.4 Fire Liaison Representative
112.5 Fire Inspections
112.6 Vandalism and Incendiarism
112.7 Extinguishing Fires
112.7A Use of Tobacco on School Property
112.8 Relations With the Philadelphia Fire Department
112.9 Relations with the Philadelphia Fire Department
112.10 Sources of Materials and Programs

Internal Security

113.0 Description of Services
113.1 Responsibilities
113.2 Request for Service

Drug And Alcohol Abuse

114.0 Control Act
114.1 Pupils found in Possession or Sale of Suspected Drugs and/or Alcohol
114.2 Drugs and/or Alcohol Found on School Premises
114.4 Employee Found in Possession and/or Sale of Suspected Drugs

Home Schooling And Private Tutorials

115.0 Requirements
115.1 Affidavit of Supervisor Elementary Level
115.1A Affidavit of Supervisor Secondary Level
115.2 Form Cover Letter

Opening Exercise In Schools

116.0 Elementary Schools
116.1 Secondary Schools

Demonstrations Outside Schools

117.0 Picketing, Pamphleteering, Petition Circulation by Non-Students

Student Discipline

118. Code Of Conduct
118.1 Suspension Regular Education Pupil
118.2 Lateral Transfer
118.3 Disciplinary Transfer Regular Grade
118.4 Warning Letter
118.5 Temporary Disciplinary Assignment Letter
118.6 Out of School Suspension Letter, One Day or Less
118.7 Out of School Suspension Letter
118.8 Letter Given to Pupil on Day of Suspension
118.9 Disciplinary School Transfer Letter Sent to Parent by Regional Office on day of Suspension
118.10 Waiver of a Right to a Hearing or Placement
118.11 Letter to Parent from Regional Office, Requesting a Hearing (Certified Mail) Lateral Transfer
118.12 Waiver of a Right to a Hearing
118.13 Notice to Parent Lateral Transfer is Approved
118.14Notice to Parent Lateral Transfer in Not Approved
118.15 Disciplinary Schol Transfer Letter Sent to Parent Upon Decision of Hearing Officer
118.16 Disciplinary Schol Transfer Letter Sent to Parent Upon Decision of Hearing Officer

Suspensions, Transfers & Expulsions

119.0 Regular Education Pupil
119.1 Special Education Students
119.2 Mentally Retarded Pupils
119.3 Pupils Identified As Handicapped But Not Mentally Retarded
119.4 Disciplinary Transfers
119.5 Expulsion Standards

Crimes Affecting the School District

120.0 Juvenile Court Procedures


122.1 Priority for Admission
122.2 Enrollment Procedures
122.3 Parent Conferences
122.4 Organization
122.5 Transfers

Comprehensive Services to School Age Parents

123.0 Pregnancy Programs
123.1 Child Care Program

School District Employees

124.0 Private Teaching/Tutoring for Payment

Elementary Schools

125.0 Closing Exercises

Home and School Association Funds

126.0 Financial Transactions
126.1 Certification as a Charitable Organization
126.2 Property Purchased for School or Student Use


201.0 Admission of Beginning Students

Transfer Special Education Pupil

202.0 Change in Residence - requiring a Change in School Assignment
202.1 Use of EH 36 Pupil Transfer Request
202.2 End of School Year Transfers

Communicable Disease Control

304.0 Aids & Other HTLV-III/LAV Infections Definition & Purpose
304.1 Aids & Other HTLV-III/LAV Infections Confidentiality
304.2 Aids & Other HTLV-III/LAV Infections Admission to School
304.3 Aids & Other HTLV/LAV Infections Method of Transmission
304.4 Aids & Other HTLV-III/LAV Infections Prevention Opportunistic Infection

Handicapped Employees

330.0 Reasonable Accommodation


4.1 Transpass Service


503.0 Legal Basis
503.2 Common Names and Abbreviations for Vaccines
503.3 Admission Procedures
503.6 Certificate of Immunization (front)
503.7 School Immunization Law: State Reporting

Child Abuse and Neglect

504.0 Child Protective Services Law
504.1 Responsibilities of Principal
504.2 Responsibilities of the School Nurse
504.3 Responsibilities of Home & School Visitor & Comprehensive Student Support Services Supervisor
504.4 Procedure for Reporting
504.5 Notification of Parents
504.6 Cooperation with Child and Youth Agency Workers
504.7 Early Childhood Programs
504.8 Responsibilities of School Counselors

Drug Abuse

505.0 Medical Management - Urgent
505.1 Medical Management - Less Urgent

Administration of Long Term Medication

506.0 Policy
506.1 Purpose of Program
506.2 Criteria for Consideration of Request
506.3 Procedures
506.4 Change in Medication
506.5 Rejection of Request

Utilization of Suction, Oxygen, and Other Equipment

507.0 Policy
507.1 Purpose of Program
507.2 Conditions for Approval of Use of Equipment/Machinery
507.3 Procedures
507.4Changes in Use of Equipment/Machinery
507.5 Rejection of Request

General Procedures

511.0 Accidents / Illness
511.1 Categories of Emergencies
511.2 Release from School for Accident / Illness
511.3 Retention of Student in School (Accident / Illness)
511.4 Serious Head and Neck Injury
511.5 Minor Head and Neck Injury


512.0 Control Procedure
512.1 Period of Exclusion from School
512.2 AIDS & Other HTLV-III/LAV Infections Definition & Purpose

School Health Rooms

513.0 Minimum Facilities & Equipment Standards

Health Services

514.0 Suicide Prevention/Intervention Guidelines
514.1 Suicide Prevention/Intervention
514.2 Follow-up Letter to Parents

School Bus Regulations

654.0 Student Behavior


701.0 Alterations & Improvements
702.0 New Furniture and Equipment
703.0 Use of Capital Budget Funds
703.1 Capital Project Request Form
703.2 Capital Project Requests - Summary


705.0 Changes in Bell Telephone Services
706.0 Terminating Bell Telephone Services

Personal Property Security

750.0 Security of Portable Equipment
750.1 Removal of Microcomputers from School Buildings
750.2 Self-Inspection Checklist

$25.00- Teacher Allotment

802.0 Contractual Provision
802.1 Funding Information
802.2 Expenditure of Teacher Allotments
802.3 Forms to Be Used
802.4 Teacher Expenditures

Imprest Funds (Petty Cash)

803.0 Responsibilities
803.1 Uses of Imprest Funds
803.2 Limitations on Usage
803.3 Prohibited Usage and Expenditures
803.4 Fund Integrity and Safekeeping
803.5 Fund Levels and Distribution
803.6 Expenditures
803.7 Reimbursement
803.8 Application for New Fund
803.9 Application for Increase in Existing Fund
803.10 Decrease in Existing Fund
803.11 Establishment of a Sub-Fund
803.12 Transfer of Fund to New Responsible Custodian
803.13 Final Dissolution of a Fund
803.14 Receipt of New Funds
803.15 Forms

Fund Raising Activities

804.0 Policy
804.1 Sale of Foods and other Merchandise
804.2 Bazaars, Fairs, Yard Sales
804.3 Photography or Video Sales/Class Pictures
804.4 Projects sponsored by Commercial & Industrial
804.5 Accounting for Funds Raised in Schools
804.6 Principal's Responsibilities School Sponsored Activities
804.7 School Treasurer's or School Operations Officer's Responsibilies Secondary Schools
804.8 Safekeeping of Funds
804.9 Special Activities

Pennsylvania Sales Tax

805.0 Collection and Payment
805.1 Collection and Payment


806.0 Gifts to the School District
806.1 Donation of Motor Vehicles
806.2 Disposal or Sale of Donated Motor Vehicles

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