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Date Adopted: April 27, 1981

1. Purpose

The Board recognizes the need to maintain security of school facilities for reasons of vandalism and theft. Toward this end, a program of building security shall be administered by the Superintendent with the cooperation of the individual building principals. The need for access shall be the underlying principle in determining who shall have keys for access to school properties.

2. Authority

The Superintendent shall determine, in accordance with these guidelines, who will be entitled to building keys and who may have after-hours access to the facilities of this district.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

Access to school buildings and grounds may be established by the Superintendent in accordance with the following:

Unlimited Access : The Superintendent of Buildings or the head custodian and the Superintendent of the District.

Limited Access : Building principals to their assigned building, vice-principals (or assistant principals) to their assigned building, head building custodian to their assigned building, and extra-curricular sponsors or supervisors for their area or activity.

Possession of keys shall be in accordance with the following principles:

A log of key assignments shall be maintained by the Office of the Superintendent or other designated office.

Duplicate keys unassigned shall be maintained in a safe or a secured box.

Individuals assigned keys may not duplicate or loan them.

All keys must be surrendered when there is no longer a need, or upon request of the Superintendent.

After-hours entry to school buildings shall be controlled in accordance with these rules:

The building custodian on duty shall restrict entry to one controlled point.

All persons entering a school building after hours (except for organized activities) shall sign a log indicating name, time of entry, reason for entry, and time of departure.

Entry to a school building shall be prohibited when a person authorized as representative for the building is not present.

A person not employed by the Philadelphia School District or a pupil not enrolled in a Philadelphia Public School may not enter any facility of the school district without the express consent of the person in charge of the facility.

Failure to obtain consent within fifteen (15) minutes after entering the facility will be considered as presumptive evidence of violation of the ordinance.

All school facilities shall be checked and properly secured by the custodial staff at the close of the school day. All interior doors including closet doors, cloakrooms and classroom doors and smokestop doors shall be closed at the close of the school day to prevent the potential spread of fire. All exterior doors shall be securely locked at the close of the school day including the time the custodian personnel are on duty.

It is the responsibility of all school personnel to notify the school office promptly of all trespassers in the school, particularly those who are known or suspected vandals.

Food Services : All keys to lunch areas shall remain in the principal's office each day after lunchroom work has been completed. No food service employe shall retain their keys at the conclusion of the work day.