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Date Adopted: April 27, 1981

1. Purpose

Adequate maintenance of buildings, grounds and property is essential to efficient management of the district.

2. Authority

The Board directs a continuous program of inspection and maintenance of all school buildings and equipment. Wherever possible, maintenance shall be preventive.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

The Superintendent shall develop and implement a maintenance program which shall include a regular program of facilities repair and conditioning, critical spare parts inventory, and an equipment replacement program.

The Superintendent shall develop such guidelines as may be necessary for the maintenance and repair of the physical plant.

The Superintendent shall develop a check list that will be applicable to all buildings in the district. Each building principal, in conjunction with the head maintenance person in that building, shall conduct a physical inspection of the building on a monthly basis and return a written report to the Superintendent as to the findings of that inspection.

The Superintendent shall report to the Board regarding the current maintenance and improvement program.


School Code: SS 701