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Date Adopted: April 27, 1981

1. Purpose

It is the purpose of the Board to effect the prompt payment of bills, but at the same time to ensure that due care has been taken in the review of such bills.

2. Authority

Each bill or obligation of the Board must be fully itemized and verified by the Finance Director before a check can be drawn for its payment.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

It shall be the responsibility of the Director of Accounting upon receipt of an invoice to verify that the purchase invoice is in order, the goods were received in acceptable condition or services were satisfactorily rendered, funds are available to cover the payment, the item is in a classification for which the Board budgeted, and the invoice is for the amount contracted.

Should the invoice vary from the acknowledged purchase order, the division head shall document on the invoice the reason for such variance.

Upon the approval of an order, the Accounting Director shall prepare a check for payment and cancel the commitment placed against the appropriate account.

No check shall be made out to cash.


School Code SS 439, 607, 1155
Federal Regulations: Act 276 of 1974