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Date Adopted: April 27, 1981

1. Purpose

It is the policy of the Board to obtain competitive bids for products and services where such bids are required by law or where such bids may be believed to bring about a cost saving to the school district.

2. Authority

Materials or supplies to be furnished, sold or leased to the district, unless exempt by statute, having an aggregate value of more than $4,000 ($4,000 for cooperative purchasing, P.G. 613) are subject to competitive bid; and all contracts for work to be done, unless exempt by statute, having a value of more than $4,000 shall also be subject to competitive bid, except where such work is valued at less than $5,000 and performed by district employes.

3. Responsibility

Bid specifications shall be prepared by the Finance Director. Bid specifications shall provide for alternates wherever possible.

S/He shall combine like items of supply and material whenever it is feasible, and permissible under statute, and not split purchases to avoid these requirements for bidding.

Bids shall be opened publicly by the Finance Director and Purchasing Agent before one or more witnesses at a previously designated time and place. Contracts shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder upon resolution of the Board, unless the Board chooses to reject all bids.

The Board also recognizes that emergencies may occur when imminent danger exists to persons or property or the continuance of existing school classes is threatened, and time for bidding cannot be provided because of the need for immediate action.

Whenever a contractor shall submit a bid for the performance of work and the contractor later claims a mistake, error or omission in preparing said bid, the contractor shall, before the bids are open, make known the fact and in such case the bid shall be returned unopened and the contractor shall lose the right to bid.


School Code: SS 751, 807.1, Act 4 of 1974, Act 150 of 1981, Act 153