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1. Purpose
  1. The Board encourages cooperation with colleges and universities within the state in the preparation of student teachers. Therefore, the schools of this district will accept student teachers from accredited institutions of higher learning with which the district has a cooperative agreement approved by the Board.

2. Delegation of Responsibility
  1. The Board delegated the authority to select student teachers to the Superintendent with the agreement of the supervising teacher.

  3. Student teachers shall comply with the health examination of the State and the policy of this district as it applies to certified personnel.

  5. Student teachers while serving in the schools of this district shall be responsible for their conduct to the supervising teacher and building principal. No student teacher shall be assigned to a teacher who has less than two (2) years of teaching experience.

  7. The Superintendent shall ensure the distribution of student teachers throughout the district so that no single group of pupils or teachers will be subject to excessive student teacher classroom hours. Student teachers or faculty of other educational institutions shall be offered the opportunity to visit and observe in the district schools. Such observers must be treated as any other visitor and shall be under the direct supervision of the principal.

State Code 28 SS 23.43 (c), SS 1418