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Date Adopted: February 5, 1990
Date Revised: June 27, 1994

1. Purpose

  1. The Board of Education recognizes that the abuse of alcohol and chemical substances has an adverse effect on the work performance, and the health and welfare of its employees. Moreover, problems associated with substance abuse are affecting all areas of society, and, most especially the children we serve. Therefore, the Board adopts this policy in an effort to prevent the abuse of alcohol and chemical substances by all of its employees.

2. Responsibility
  1. The Executive Director, Human Resources, is authorized to issue such regulations, procedures, and programs, subject to approval by the Superintendent of Schools, as are necessary to implement and administer this policy and its various components.

3. Conditions
  1. All of the premises used by the School District of Philadelphia, whether owned, leased or temporarily under its control for any program or activity of the School District are declared to be drug-free work-places.

  3. The School District of Philadelphia prohibits the possession, manufacture, sale, dispensing and use of alcohol and/or any controlled substance and prohibits any of its employees' being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance on any of its premises or in any of its programs or activities. An employee found to violate this rule shall be subject to discipline up to and including discharge.

  5. The School District of Philadelphia encourages its employees experiencing difficulty with alcohol or controlled substance abuse to seek assistance in their efforts to control such problems and to achieve rehabilitation. It remains the employee's responsibility to initiate efforts to seek assistance before the stage at which his or her work performance is impaired and leads to disciplinary action. See Board Policy No. 321 entitled Employee Assistance Program.

  7. Any employee who is convicted of a criminal drug offense in the workplace must within five days thereof give written notice of such conviction to the Executive Director of Human Resources.

  9. The foregoing constitutes the School District of Philadelphia's Interim Policy on employee alcohol and substance abuse. However, a comprehensive alcohol and substance abuse program and policy, including provisions governing testing for alcohol and substance abuse, will follow. It must be emphasized that as a condition of employment, every Philadelphia School District employee must abide by the terms of this Interim Policy. This obligation includes the employee's submission to appropriate drug and alcohol testing under present practice.

Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988
41 USC
Section 702