310. Employee Files

Date Adopted: April 27, 1981
Date Revised: June 14, 1994
Date Revised: April 16, 2008

  1. Purpose

    1. For effective, lawful operation of the School District, a personnel file must be established for the retention of all papers relating to an employee's job responsibilities.
    2. "Employee" is any person currently employed and paid for full or part time work through the School District of Philadelphia's payroll system, laid off with reemployment rights, or on an approved leave of absence. The term "employee" shall not include applicants for employment or any other person.
  2. Authority

    1. The School Reform Commission requires that sufficient records be maintained to ensure an employee's qualifications for the job held, compliance with federal and State statutes, compliance with local benefit programs, conformance with district rules, and to provide evidence of completed evaluations.
  3. Delegation of Authority

    1. The School Reform Commission delegates to the Senior Vice President of Human Resources the responsibility to establish and maintain official personnel records. A central file shall be maintained; supplemental records may be also maintained for ease in data gathering. Only that information that pertains to the professional and legal role of the employee and is submitted by duly authorized School District staff or the School Reform Commission may be entered in the official personnel record file. A copy of each such entry shall be made available to the employee upon written request, subject to certain conditions as specified herein.
    2. Employee records shall not be available to the School Reform Commission except as may be required in the performance of its functions as a school board.
    3. All employees shall have access to their personnel file upon written request, subject to certain conditions specified herein. Employees shall be required to file a written form to request access to their personnel file or files or to indicate a designation of an agent for the purpose of file access and inspection. The written request shall identify the requesting individual employee or the designated agent of the employee. The written request shall also include the purpose for which the inspection is requested and shall specify the particular parts of the personnel file the employee wishes to inspect or have inspected by the employee's designated agent.
    4. Employees wishing to inspect their personnel files shall do so by appointment during regular business hours after making the required written request. The inspection shall occur in the presence of a member of the Employee Records staff designated to maintain such records. Employees viewing their files shall make no alterations or additions to the records and shall not remove any material. Except for reasonable cause, personnel file inspection is limited to once every calendar year by an employee and once every calendar year by the employee's designated agent, if any.
    5. Employees wishing to appeal material in their personnel file shall make a request in writing to the Senior Vice President of Human Resources or his or her designee. The request shall be dated and shall specify the name of the requesting employee, the material to be appealed, and the basis or reason for the appeal.
    6. The Senior Vice President of Human Resources shall consider the appeal and make a determination for review by the District's Chief Executive Officer/Superintendent.

      The Senior Vice President of Human Resources shall prepare guidelines defining the material to be incorporated into employee personnel files.

    7. Upon initial employment the personnel file shall contain:
      1. A completed employment application form,
      2. A copy of teaching or other applicable certificate(s),
      3. Academic transcripts,
      4. Retirement registration,
      5. Annuity forms,
      6. Insurance beneficiary forms,
      7. Health insurance enrollment/opt-out forms,
      8. Examination and test scores,
      9. Criminal records check/FBI check,
      10. Child Abuse Clearance, and
      11. A completed W-4 form.

      And, in a separate file:

      1. Completed I-9 Forms and Documentation.

      And, separately within the Employee Health File:

      1. Completed Physical Examination report.
    8. In addition, during the period of employment, the following data shall be maintained in personnel files:
      1. Employment history with the employer, including wage, salary, and rate of compensation information,
      2. Completed copy of employment contract, where applicable,
      3. Job title, dates of changes,
      4. Leave/attendance records,
      5. Completed performance evaluations,
      6. Commendations, special awards or distinctions,
      7. Notices of warning or discipline,
      8. Authorization for a deduction or withholding of pay,
      9. Criminal records check, FBI check and Child Abuse Clearance and renewals,
      10. Retirement record
      11. Amended insurance beneficiary/enrollment forms, and
      12. Amended W-4 forms.
    9. Personnel files shall not include records of an employee relating to the investigation of a possible criminal offense, letters of reference, documents developed or prepared for use in civil, criminal or grievance proceedings, medical records or materials used by the employer to plan for future operations or information available to the employee under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (84 Stat. 1127-1136, 15 U.S.C. §1681 et. seq.).

    Act of 1978, P.L. 1212, No. 286

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