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Date Adopted: April 27, 1981
Date Revised: June 27, 1994

1. Purpose

  1. Professional employees and temporary professional employees must have an employment contract that is in conformance with the School Code. This policy establishes considerations for these categories.

2. Authority
  1. The Board has the authority under law to prescribe employment conditions for the personnel of the school district. Willful misrepresentation of facts material to the employment and determination of salary level shall be considered cause for disciplinary action or dismissal of the employe.
3. Guidelines
  1. It shall be the policy of this school district that all professional and temporary professional employees shall execute an employment contract upon employment which shall automatically renew itself each year unless one of the parties shall give notice sixty (60) days prior to its expiration that it will not be renewed, except that non-tenured persons upon reaching the status of tenured persons shall be required to execute a new contract. This policy shall apply equally to full-time and part-time personnel.

  3. The contract or resolution shall include the beginning compensation. The minimum rate of pay for a class as specified in the Pay Plan shall be paid upon appointment to the class, except as otherwise provided for by a current labor contract; term of employment and work period for which compensation will be paid. Appointments are made so that new employees start work at the beginning of a payroll period. Exceptions must be approved by the Executive Director of Human Resources.

  5. An appointment to a provisional teaching assignment may be made in accordance with the following: (1) when there is no eligibility list for the position; (2) when the individual appointed has completed all certification requirements but has not completed the appropriate examination procedure.

  7. Provisional appointees must successfully complete all examination procedures required as regular teachers (National Teacher's Examinations and Philadelphia Local Examinations) within one (1) year from date of assignment. Successful completion of these examinations will permit change in the status of the appointees from provisional to regular. Such employees must score high enough on the eligibility list to be considered for appointment. Failure to meet this requirement will result in termination of employment.

  9. Valid certificates must be maintained during the course of employment.

  11. A provisional appointee is eligible for all benefit accruing to a regular teachers but earns no seniority nor does service count for tenure.

  13. The terms of a collective bargaining agreement, if it exists, may supersede the specifics of an individual employee contract in certain areas or condition of employment.

State School Code, SS 1121