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Date Adopted: April 27, 1981
Date Revised: December 17, 1990; July 12, 1999; September 27, 1999

1. Purpose

  1. The Board believes that the schools should help students learn to respect property and develop feelings of pride in community institutions. The Board also recognizes the relationship between effective use of property and School District financial solvency .

2. Authority
  1. The Board charges each student with responsibility for the proper care of school property and the school textbooks , supplies, and equipment entrusted to his/her use.



    Students are responsible for the care, maintenance and timely return of all text books. Schools shall require students and/or parents to sign a compact acknowledging their responsibility for the care and prompt return of text books lent to them by the school.

    Students and/or their parents will be assessed penalties for lost or damaged text books. Imposition of one or more of the following penalties is permitted:- a charge for replacement of the text book; requiring the student to perform a prescribed number of hours of school service; delayed receipt of a report card; and/or loss of privileges such as participation in sports or other extra curricular activities, proms and other special events or graduation-related activities.

  3. Students who willfully cause damage to school property shall be subject to disciplinary measures. Students and others who damage or deface school property may be prosecuted and punished under law. Parents and guardians of students shall be held accountable for student actions. The Board may report to the appropriate authorities any student whose damage of school property has been serious or chronic in nature.

3. Delegation of Responsibility
  1. The Superintendent shall develop procedures to implement this policy which include rules for the safekeeping and accounting of property ; preparation of a schedule of fines or repayment for lost or damaged property; and a report to the Board on the nature and incidence of vandalism. This report shall include the number and kind of incident, the cost of vandalism to the district, and such related facts and comments as the Superintendent may wish to make.

  3. Principals may authorize or allow parents/guardians to review report cards in the school setting in order to provide notice and facilitate resolution of students' failure to return or account for assigned books.

State School Code Sections 777, 801, 1338