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Date Adopted: April 27, 1981
Date Revised: December 17, 1990

1. Purpose

  1. The Board recognizes that a system of marking student progress and achievement can help the student, teachers, parents and guardians to better assess the student's progress toward educational goals.

  3. The Board also acknowledges the value of a system of computing grade point averages and class ranking for senor high school graduates to inform students, parents, and others of each graduate's relative academic placement among his/her peers .

2. Definition
  1. Marking shall be that system of evaluation and recording student progress and achievement which enables the student, parents, guardians and teachers to learn the student's strengths and weaknesses; plan an educational and vocational future for the student in the areas of the greatest potential for success; and determine where remedial work is required.

3. Delegation of Responsibility
  1. The Board directs that the instructional program of this district include a system of marking for all students which is consistent with the educational goals of the district.

  3. The Superintendent shall develop procedures that provide:

    1. Each student, at the outset of any course of study, with the expected achievement for that course.

    3. Information, on a continual basis , to each student regarding his/her progress and achievement during the course of study.

    5. Teachers with marking procedures appropriate to the course of study and the maturity of the students .

    7. Encouragement of students to evaluate their progress and achievement.

    9. Periodic review and, if necessary, revision of all marking procedures. To the greatest extent possible, this review shall involve students, staff and parents.
    10. Consistency of marking procedures and format in all schools.

    12. And for students in grades 10 through 12, computation of grade point averages and the assignment of rank in class in accordance with the following guidelines :

      1. All students shall be ranked together.
      2. Class rank shall be computed by final marks in all subjects.
      3. Any two or more students whose computed grade point average are identical shall be given the same rank.
      4. The rank of the student who immediately follows a tied position will be determined by the number of students preceding him/her and not by the rank of the person preceding him/her.
      5. In recognition of varied course requirements, grade point averages shall be weighted to reflect this variation.
      6. A student's grade point average and rank in class shall be entered on his/her records and shall be subject to the Board's policy on release of student records.
      7. Rank in class shall be entered on students' records and on all transcripts where they will be available for review by authorized persons.
    14. The statement of the methods for such computation and assignment shall be made available for those to whom a student's grade point average or rank in class is released.

P.G. 216