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Date Adopted: April 27, 1981
Date Revised: December 17, 1990

1. Purpose

  1. The Board affirms that while statute requires attendance of each student only between the ages 8 and 17, it is in the best interest of both students and the community that students complete the educational program that will equip them with knowledge , skills and attitudes necessary for effective participation in a democracy.

2. Authority
  1. The Board directs that whenever a student wishes to withdraw, effort should be made to determine the underlying reason for such action and the resources of the district used to assist the student in reaching his/her career goals. No student of compulsory school age shall be permitted to withdraw without the written consent of a parent and other justification.

3. Delegation of Responsibility
  1. The Superintendent shall develop procedures for withdrawal from school which make counseling services available to any student who wishes to withdraw; make every effort to satisfy the student's future educational needs; approve the withdrawal of students attending college full time; help the student define his/her own educational life goals and help plan the realization of those goals; inform the student of the tests for General Educational Development and the Certificate of Preliminary Education; point out to the student the opportunities available in the armed forces; and assure the timely return of all district-owned supplies and equipment in the possession of the student.

State School Code: 24; Section 13-1326
Pennsylvania Code: 22; Section 11.4, Section 5.81 et seq., Section 5.91