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Date Adopted: April 27, 1981
Date Revised: December 17, 1990

1. Purpose

  1. The Board of Education directs the school assignments of students be consistent with the educational goals and the best use of resources of the School District of Philadelphia.

2. Authority
  1. The Board shall determine annually the school attendance areas of the School District and shall expect each student within areas to attend his/her assigned school so designated except for approved transfers for special purposes as desegregation, special education, magnet schools, and student disciplinary placement .

  3. A student is to attend the school within whose boundary lines the legal residence of the parent or local guardian is located. However, a student may attend any school in which there is room regardless of boundary lines, provided s/he can meet the entrance requirements, if any, and provided established procedures are followed. When parents or students seek help regarding admission or transfer, every effort shall be made to provide them with complete information and to avoid referring parents from one office to another.

3. Delegation of Responsibility
  1. When a pupil applies for admission to any school, it becomes the responsibility of the school to complete enrollment if s/he resides within the boundary lines, or immediately obtain accurate information as to where the student should apply.

  3. If in doubt about the correct school to which referral should be made, the district office indicated by the address is to be contacted by the school.

  5. To ensure the continuity of the educational program for homeless or abused children, such students shall be enrolled even when they lack proper transfer documents, until the principal has obtained the necessary information for proper placement .

  7. Boundary Lines

    1. Elementary and Secondary Schools

      1. Boundary lines for each school shall be placed on file in the school office, the district office, and the Office for School Operations .

      3. Boundary lines shall be established by district superintendents in consultation with principals, upon approval by the office for School Operations .

    3. In regard to non-resident students, kindergarten pupils and delegation of parental responsibility, reference should be made to the following sections of the manual for School Operations:

Non-Resident Pupils Section #105

Delegation of Parental Responsibility Section #107

Kindergarten Section #122


State School Codes: 1310