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Date Adopted: April 27, 1981
Date Revised: December 17, 1990

1. Purpose

  1. The Board of Education believes that a planned program of guidance and counseling is an essential component of the educational offerings in all schools. Such a program should assist students in developing :
    • A better understanding and acceptance of themselves - their strengths and limitations; aptitudes, needs, values, interest, and worth as unique individuals
    • Interpersonal relationships on the basis of mutual respect
    • Increased skill in problem solving and decision making
    • Responsibility for their, educational, occupational, and avocational improvement

  2. In addition, this program should provide staff, parents, and community with needed information for the support of School District objectives.

2. Definition

  1. The basic program of counseling and guidance will vary according to the developmental levels and needs of students and include the areas of human academic and career, development, study skills, preparation for tests, interpersonal relations, decision making, and conflict resolution. Implementation of program objectives shall be accomplished through needed, individual and/or group activities.
  2. Specific objectives shall include:
    • Assisting students in solving educational problems
    • Planning for appropriate career choices and preparation
    • Solving personal problems such as financial and medical
    • Assisting administrators and teachers in planning educational programs for students with special needs
    • Serving as consultant to staff and parents in:
      • using effective crisis intervention strategies and techniques
      • demonstrating how family relationships affect individual student behavior and learning .
    • Making appropriate use of community resources
    • Participating as a member of the student support team
    • Interpreting tests and surveys to students and parents
    • Communicating with various publics served by the school

3. Responsibility

  1. The Superintendent is authorized to direct, evaluate, and continually improve a K-12 program of counseling and guidance .

State School Code: 22 SS 7.1 et seq.