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School District of Philadelphia 
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Subject  Accident, Illness and Incident Reports
Classification  Procedure for Reporting
Date Issued  August, 1995 
Policy Number  111.9/504.4
Issued by  Office of The Deputy Superintendent
Supersedes  New/#504.4 (12/1990)
Review Before  As Needed 

When informed of a case of suspected child abuse and/or neglect, the principal or person in charge of a facility is to:

A. Telephone the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Bureau of Child Welfare: CHILD LINE 1-800-932-0313.

1. Principal is to identify himself /herself.

2. Provide as much of the following information as possible:

a. the names of the child and adults being reported
b. the date, nature, and extent of the alleged child abuse and/or neglect
c. the home addresses of persons in the report
d. the age(s) and sex of the child(ren) suspected of being abused and/or neglected
e. the locality in which the alleged abuse and/or neglect occurred
f. any evidence of prior abuse by the alleged perpetrator(s)
g. the source of the report
h. actions taken (medical test, exam, photographs)
i. seek directions whether the school should notify the parent or guardian of the report of abuse, or whether the child care agency wishes a delay in the notification and will take over responsibility for the notification. (See Procedure #111.10)

B. Telephone the Philadelphia Department of Human Services Child Abuse HOT LINE: 686-6100. Inform them that the State Child Line has already been called. Provide the same information as was given to the state and any additional information requested. Failure to place this call will delay DHS's response as there is frequently a 2 to 3 hour delay before they are notified
quently a 2 to 3 hour delay before they are notified by the state agency.

 C. Form CY-47, "Report of Suspected Child Abuse," with an accompanying letter if needed are to be sent within 48 hours to:

Child Abuse Hot Line
Philadelphia County Children and Youth Agency
1401 Arch Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
D. No copies of the CY-47 are to be made or maintained in any file. An Incident Report is to be prepared documenting the allegations and that steps A, B, and C above were followed. The name of the alleged perpetrator is NOT to be included. The child is only to be referred to by his/her I.D. Number.

E. Still photographs of the child, showing injuries MAY be taken. The photographs are to be retained in the school and made available to DFIS workers upon request. They are NOT to be sent with the CY-47. The fact that photographs were taken is to be noted on the CY-47.

Consultation with the Legal and/or Health Services Divisions is required prior to taking photographs if such photos will include the child's genital area.

F. In the event that questions regarding the referrals persist after a report is filed, consult with either the Assistant Director of School Health Services (299-7463), or the Office of General Counsel (299-7676).