012: Renaissance Schools Initiative Policy

1. Purpose:

The Renaissance Schools initiative is articulated in the School District of Philadelphia’s "Imagine 2014" strategic plan and is predicated on the belief that the School District has chronically underperforming schools that are not serving the needs of students and families and have not made adequate yearly progress as defined by state and federal laws, and that these schools need fundamental change to facilitate a transformation of the learning environment. With an urgency to dramatically improve the learning environment in these underperforming schools, the School District is seeking innovative ways to transform low-performing schools through new school models that include: in- district restructuring (Innovation Schools) and external partnerships (Contract Schools and Charter Schools).

This policy will set forth the manner in which the School District will implement and administer the Renaissance Schools Initiative.

2. Definitions:

3. Renaissance Schools Policy

4. Implementation of this Policy

Subject to the direction and approval of the Superintendent, the Office of Charter, Partnership and New Schools, or an office designated by the Superintendent, is responsible for the implementation of this Policy and the procedures set forth herein, in accordance with applicable law including but not limited to the Pennsylvania Public School Code.


All actions taken by the School Reform Commission shall be consistent with all applicable provisions of the Pennsylvania Public School Code.

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