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Free Books for Teachers

The PHILADELPHIA READS, Children’s Book Bank is a unique resource that provides publicly donated books and school supplies for free to teachers from public, charter and parochial schools, day care centers, after school programs and other educational sites citywide.

School District of Philadelphia Campaign for Healthier Schools

The School District of Philadelphia (SDP) is a key partner in a program sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called "Get Healthy Philly". This initiative focuses on healthy foods for students, nutritional awareness and increased physical activities. The District is partnering with the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH), The Food Trust (TFT) and the Bicycle Coalition (BC) to implement this project.

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Safety is Everything

Improved climate and safety will result in enhanced Adequately Yearly Progress (AYP). The Office of School Climate and Safety (OSCS) looks forward to consulting and providing training to schools on research based initiatives (RBI) and evidence based initiatives (EBI) to improve climate, safety and academic performance. Promoting the tenets of Single School Culture OSCS will present guides and tools to formally capture the details of each schools climate and safety strategies. The Vital Information Packet contains information required by First Responders (PPD, PFD, ert. ) The REM School Safety Tool Kit is the collection of materials to assist school safety teams in developing their emergency routines, procedures, processes (drills, communication systems, evacuation sites, etc.) at each school. Completed copies of each document can be found at the school


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Professional Development

Act 48

The Act 48 System allows you to:

  • Browse and register for relevant courses to support your professional development
  • View your Act 48 credits
  • Find forms for professional education instructors

Teaching Opportunities

Office of Talent Acquisition

The Office of Talent Acquisition's goal is to recruit and organize a diverse teaching staff to serve the School District of Philadelphia. We seek to provide the best and brightest teachers with tools, resources and opportunities to live, learn and teach in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Teaching Fellows

The Philadelphia Teaching Fellows are looking for individuals to become teachers at the School District of Philadelphia. Teach in high-need schools and earn a full-time salary while attending classes to earn your teaching certification. No ed exp. required. Applications accepted immediately. To apply go to: